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When Jaina walked in on Weft strangling her boyfriend, the first thing Weft said was "Sssh."

This was enough to make her look again rather than immediately fling a stake into his wiry hide, much as she would have preferred the alternative.

Suitov was sleeping the sleep of the exhausted, slumped upon a bureaucratic nightmare of political orders piled high on his desk. Weft shifted his hands a little further down to work on the shoulder muscles. Suitov's forehead, knotted even in sleep, smoothed itself out.

"He's only just fallen asleep," Weft said in pre-emptive defence.

"How long?" said Jaina, knowing Weft would interpret that one correctly. She kept her voice low in deference to her boyfriend's utter lack of sense when it came to admitting mortality.

"Only five days," said Weft.

She partly blamed herself. It was most of a week ago that she'd sent Suitov word that she was about to pay a visit. Then, with perfect timing, Denver had hit the fan and she hadn't had a spare moment.

"I ambushed him from behind when his guard was down," Weft added with dark humour that Jaina felt was in exceptionally bad taste. Everything about Weft was in bad taste except his dress sense, and he'd had his hands on her Ice for far too long.

"Okay, Kittenboots, I'll take it from here," she said, nodding him firmly out of the way.

Weft eyed her and didn't move. "That's not necessary, Miss Jaina."

"But I insist."

"Couldn't put you to the trouble," he scowled. She wondered if he realised he was mimicking Suitov's phrases. That didn't suit him any more than the sulky face did.

"It's no trouble at all; now move your furry heiney off my mage."

Weft pouted. "And let you clumsily maul him about? I've only just got him to sleep."

She rolled her eyes and said "Weft, anyone can administer a backrub."

"Anyone?! Have you any idea how long I spent being trained in physiothera--"

Suitov stirred. Weft froze. The mage lord muttered "Jackdaws are alarm calling again. Have to find the colum...columbine."

When he did nothing more, Weft started up the kneading motions again with a glare at Jaina.

"Well go on, get lost," she whispered.

"I was here first!" Weft whispered back.

"He's my boyfriend," she said.

Weft processed that for a second, then bent his head and touched his tongue to Suitov's neck. "I licked him," he said. "Mine now."


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Jan. 31st, 2011 08:01 pm (UTC)

Jan. 31st, 2011 08:34 pm (UTC)
Weft is MATURE.

I'm convinced someone's about to call shotgun.
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