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The Poaladin came up to Weft and intoned "I am now sure you are my destined love and my God intends for us to always be together"

Weft whinged "You mean all that rampant sex was you not being sure? You said you loved me"

"Yes" boasted the Palodin "sorry but you are a stupid ho so what do you expect!!!"

"I hate you!!!" yowled Weft.

"Too late I prayed to God and now we are married." Informed the Paliadin.

Weft puzzled "But I haven't even said I Do"

"Now you have" the Paladium crowed. "Now you are my wife now for ever"

Weft's eyes flahsed "No" he corrected "YOU are MY wife!!!"


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Feb. 19th, 2011 12:50 pm (UTC)
Never the bridegroom, always the bride.
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